Today we will be demonstrating the Kufatec Sound Booster Pro system for Audi SQ5.
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Sound Booster Pro is a new product from the well known German manufacturer, Kufatec. The Sound Booster Pro system upgrades the current sound of your exhaust, and, depending on the model you use, will give you up to 6 new sounds that you can drive with.

The Sound Booster Pro uses a sound generator in the car’s exhaust and controls that sound electronically from inside the car. What you get is an authentic performance car sound at the push of a button without any engine modifications.

Operation of the Sound Booster Pro varies slightly between different vehicles. In the SQ5, Sound Booster Pro is enabled using Audi Drive Select and is active in Dynamic and Individual modes. We normally recommend to install a small soft touch button within reach of the driver so that you can choose the exhaust tone at will. Each time you press the button, the Sound Booster Pro cycles to the next tone.

So next we are going to do some demonstrations. Firstly we have recorded the SQ5 Sound Booster Pro with the car stationary in our workshop. Here’s how it sounds:

Demonstration time stamp

Standard SQ5 tone – 01:24
Custom tone 1 – 01:48
Custom tone 2 – 02:11
Custom tone 3 – 02:32
Custom tone 4 – 02:55
Custom tone 5 – 03:22
Custom tone 6 – 03:47


Today we are demonstrating with an Audi SQ5, but this product is compatible with many other vehicles. For a full list of compatible vehicles, you can check out the Kufatec Australia website at and check out the Sound Booster Pro product category. You can also visit and search for Sound Booster Pro.


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