Have you seen the news lately? There’s a bit of a car theft epedimec happening which normaly involve the factory keys.
Whether they’re stealing the key itself by breaking in to your home or using high-tech equipment to mirror the key.
There’s a lot of brand new cars getting stolen.
Well, luckily we have the solution for you. My name’s Jarrod Shelley and I’ll be hosting today’s episode of integrated solutions.

Here at Autofidelity we don’t like to come second. That’s why we are proud to announce that we are the first people
in Australia to retrofit one of these revolutionary immobilisation systems. Let’s take a closer look how they work.

So when we start the vehicle, the engine will actually start to give you impression that everything’s okay. But as soon
as we put the vehicle into gear, it shuts off the motor, and so, no matter how many times we try and start it, it won’t
start. Even though we have the factory key, we still can’t start the car. Preventing them from being able to steal your
car even with the key.
Now, when you drive the vehicle, you start the car in the morning you put the pincode in, which for this example
we’ve done four down shifts. We see the handbrake light flashes on dash. Which means that the car is now ready
to drive.
The system is also fitted with an anti hi-jacking feature wich is triggered by the drivers door opening without your foot on
the break.

… No Korean’s were injured in the filming of this movie. :)

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