Have you ever have to put through an insurance claim and being treated like a criminal with the he said, she said process? Well, this video is for you.

Today we’re going to have a look at this BMW X5 that just received the 4k DR900S 2ch BlackVue Dash cam. Here we see the front and rear camera. Rear camera’s hidden up the top of the windscreen, barely visible from outside of the car. Wiring are all tucked in the factory harness so that we don’t see any additional wiring at all.

Now’ moving around to the front of the vehicle. We see that we’ve hidden the dash camera in behind the factory rear view mirror. Once again with our harness tucked in with the original wiring so that no added wires are visible. Here’s the still shot from the front and rear of the dash cam, nice and clear so number plate recovery is nice and easy.

My name’s Jarrod Shelley from Autofidelity. Thanks for watching.

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