Free Power Magic Pro with every purchase of DR650S Dash Cam. Offer valid between 10th April 2017 and 21st April 2017. You will not need to add the Power Magic Pro to your cart, please just send us an email with your order number and we will ensure the Power Magic Pro is added free of charge

BlackVue Power Magic Pro

BlackVue Power Magic Pro

BlackVue Power Magic uses advanced power management to ensure your cars battery stays healthy when using Blackvue Drive Recorder Systems

Product Overview:

  • BlackVue Power Magic Pro uses advanced power management to ensure your cars battery stays healthy
  • Power Magic Pro will ensure that your BlackVue dash cam continues to record, even while your car is parked, but will still shut your dash cam down before your battery goes below a safe level
  • Power Magic Pro can be used with most dash cams which have a cigarette lighter socket connection for power
  • The system works by having pre-set cut off voltages to prevent the camera from continuing to operate if the cars/trucks battery drops below a safe level. On 12V vehicles the appropriate cut off voltage is 11.8 Volts

System Inclusions:

  • Module
  • Wiring


  • Multi-booting
  • Prevents the vehicle battery from discharging below a safe level
  • Configurable cut-off voltage (11.6, 11.8, 12v etc.)
  • Configurable timer: set the operation time from 6hrs – infinity
  • Cigar jack connection socket, compatible with most dash cams
  • Works with 12 and 24 volt systems


  • The Power Magic Pro is not a battery. If you would like to run your dash cam for extended periods of time such as 10hrs + it is recommended to use the CELLINK-B battery pack.

”Integrated Automotive Electronics Solutions”


When dealing with automotive electronics products, it is important that the original characteristics and functionality of the vehicle are maintained, and that safety and aesthetic aspects are not compromised in any way. At Autofidelity, we call this integration. For more integrated solutions, check out our solutions page.


Autofidelity is renowned for employing the highest quality techniques and technicians, using the highest quality standards in the automotive electronics industry.


Unfortunately, it is often the things that we don’t see that can make a difference. Inferior quality or poorly installed wiring can cause thousands of dollars in damage in extreme cases. In minor cases, wiring can even cause annoying rattles. Our systems are supplied with wiring harnesses which are wrapped in fabric insulation, conforming as closely as possible to the wiring standards set by the manufacturer and ensuring that there are no annoying rattles


This product comes with a minimum of 12 month manufacturers warranty and if installed by Autofidelity Australia we offer a lifetime warranty on our installation.

Diagnostics Check

As a standard part of our installation process we carry out a pre-installation and post-installation diagnostic check on your vehicle. This allows us to ensure we do not incorrectly code or leave any components unplugged in your car. As an added bonus if there any existing faults in the vehicle we can identify and advise where it is. Having your vehicle properly diagnosed is a vital step when fixing faults to help reduce the chances of big unnecessary repair bills. If you are not having an installation done we can offer this service for a flat fee of $165 to perform the diagnostic check.

Information Assurance

For bookings and enquiries, please visit our contact page you can also check out our Facebook page, Twitter page, or visit our news page for more news and updates. Autofidelity is located at 26-28 Kilpa Road Moorabbin, Victoria Australia 3189, please click the link to access directions.