Adventure Rack Nissan Navara

AAdventure Rack Nissan Navara

Product Overview:

Here is a truly innovative rack that any real adventurer needs. Coined the Adventure rack, this modular rack will suit almost any camping enthusiast. Perfect for any ute or trailer.
This rack is adjustable width wise to suit almost any tub from 1200mm up to 1580mm – Measured from inside lip of tub to inside lip
The rack is also adjustable up and down, from 310mm above the tub to 510mm.
Total rack length is 1400mm – please ensure your tub is long enough to fit – some older utes have tubs shorter than this.
Price above is for base rack, select any options you desire to see the new price above.
This rack can quickly mount many different accessories. Perfect for that extra spare tyre or a Roof Top tent.
Even great for turning your existing trailer into a Camper trailer


  • Proudly made in Australia
  • Made with Australian Steel
  • All components are zinc primed then powder coated in a texture black
  • Full adjustable height and width to suit most Australian Utes
  • Mounts to the top of most tubs
  • Many options available, and more being added all the time
  • Great for mounting side or extra reverse lights
  • Great for putting LED strip lights in to illuminate your tub area.

Tyre carrier option

  • Can mount tyre above rack, or below rack for lower height and still run a roof top tent
  • Can suit up to a 37″ tyre
  • Tyre location can be off set forward back or left and right to suit other accessories

Storage Box option

  • Designed to suit Pelican space case made by Trimcast in Australia Front Opening Range BG055036045BP (must run at max height for this box)
  • Box includes removable front face
  • Box includes 2 shelves
  • Rack can accommodate 2 of these boxes side by side on each side, so a total of 4 if required.
  • Storage box mounts to rack with 2 ratchet straps (not supplied)

Tool attachments

  • Optional lockable High lift jack holder (comes with extra long span cross member when used with 48″ Jack)
  • Optional lockable shovel holder (may require extra long span cross member depending on where you fit it)
  • Optional lockable Axe holder (may require extra long span cross member depending on where you fit it)
  • Works with Quick Fists in most areas
  • Optional Roller shutter brackets
  • Adapter brackets to suit Mountain Top brand Roller shutters.

Jerry Can mounts

”Integrated Automotive Electronics Solutions”


When dealing with automotive electronics products, it is important that the original characteristics and functionality of the vehicle are maintained, and that safety and aesthetic aspects are not compromised in any way. At Autofidelity, we call this integration. For more integrated solutions, check out our solutions page.


Autofidelity is renowned for employing the highest quality techniques and technicians, using the highest quality standards in the automotive electronics industry.


Unfortunately, it is often the things that we don’t see that can make a difference. Inferior quality or poorly installed wiring can cause thousands of dollars in damage in extreme cases. In minor cases, wiring can even cause annoying rattles. Our systems are supplied with wiring harnesses which are wrapped in fabric insulation, conforming as closely as possible to the wiring standards set by the manufacturer and ensuring that there are no annoying rattles


This product comes with a minimum of 12 month manufacturers warranty and if installed by Autofidelity Australia we offer a lifetime warranty on our installation.

Diagnostics Check

As a standard part of our installation process we carry out a pre-installation and post-installation diagnostic check on your vehicle. This allows us to ensure we do not incorrectly code or leave any components unplugged in your car. As an added bonus if there any existing faults in the vehicle we can identify and advise where it is. Having your vehicle properly diagnosed is a vital step when fixing faults to help reduce the chances of big unnecessary repair bills. If you are not having an installation done we can offer this service for a flat fee of $165 to perform the diagnostic check.

Information Assurance

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